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Hello Everyone! Welcome to our Family! We are a family of 8 in Eastern Nebraska. We love having a big family and enjoy spending time with each other. Check back for updates and photos!

Friday, September 5, 2008

The "baby" has been named

Ok so the kids have came up with a name for the baby already.....Buddy. LiL Buddy has been rubbed and kissed every day by his/her big brothers and sisters. The kids seem so excited to have another little one around. Zach of course is oblivious, which is ok by me.

We have still been nursing but per the OB we are to watch and make sure I am not having cramps or ctxing while doing so or I will need to wean him early. I have made a call into the ped to get some samples of some formula that maybe Daddy could put in w/ some mama milk before bed to see if that would 1. hold him longer at night, and 2. wean him towards the formula so Im not nursing as often. Im not too keen on the idea of weaning so early, but, if its for the safety for the baby, it must be done.

Things have been crazy around here. We are in the process of turning our 4 bedroom house into 5. We have got rid of our formal living room, moved the living room to the formal living room, moved the dining room to the old living room, and will be moving our Master to the main floor to the use to be dining room. Then, Zach and LiL Buddy will get the old Master, Moose will move to Zach's old room, Miss Diva and Nater will stay where they are. PHEW What a chore it has been! I wish we did it long ago though, we could have used the extra room for a playroom all this time!

Well my time here is up. Off to round up kids from school and wait for a call back from the dr. to make sure my levels are still ok for LiL Buddy. Keep in touch!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

What a Surprise!

Well, the Cat is out of the bag. Zach is going to be a big brother! It was not planned for him to be a big brother at such a young age, but, God works in mysterious ways and has decided that now is the time. I am sure he will be a wonderful big brother at the age of 18 mos! Looks like our due date will be around May 5th. We have also found out that my niece is also expecting a few days before me and will be delivering at the same hospital as we are. It could be a very exciting month of May!! Here we go again!!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008


What a beautiful day!! The kids (minus one) and I picked up dinner, went to the park for a picnic and had dinner in the fresh air tonight. It was wonderful. It was Zach's first trip to the park, its been so hot and humid here, but today, was perfect. He had such a blast in the swing, kicking his feet in excitement! Take a look for yourself. He's getting to be such a big boy!



Friday, August 1, 2008


Ok so we took Zach to the ENT and we were told he needs ear tubes. We were told he wouldnt be able to nurse after midnight and that his surgery would be at 6:30am. That is not going to fly with our little eater. So, the next day we took Zach to the Chiro and after a thermal scan of his back, we found out that his C1 is twisted one way and his C2 is twisted the other. He also has a twist in his C3. So, after a small adjustment with a special tool (no bending or cracking involved) we were sent on our way. A few hours later, he rolled over on his own (a feat that we had yet to accomplish) which I am assuming before lifting his head while on his belly was causing discomfort. That night he slept from 8pm-5:30am, another wonderful accomplishment. He has slept thru the night since then anywhere from 6-8 hours. Its amazing. He had his second appointment yesterday and we were told that the area that affects his ears does feel better and was adjusted again yesterday. We go back to the Ped on the 6th for his checkup so we shall see what they say about his ears then.

We started solids again 2 weeks ago and have been going strong since. We now have a jar of pears of breakfast and a jar of sweet taters for dinner. We tried peaches today, and those did not go over very well. He clinched his mouth so tight after that first bite there was no getting anymore of that in there.

We have been working on sitting on our own, and his personality is growing by leaps and bounds. The smiles and coo's are wonderful, and brightens everyone's day. His cheeks and thighs are still chubby, but he is starting to grow into his baby fat in the belly area.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Our Little Man


Well here is an update on the little man. He has ANOTHER ear infection...he just got over one in June. So, we have made the appointment with the ENT on the 22nd to talk about surgery and get this all done and over with. Poor thing. He is such a trooper even though he is sick. He's been on a new antibotic again....which is giving him some belly issues so the starting solids has been pushed back.....again. Poor thing. Im sure he would love to dig into a Whopper, but he'll have to settle for some sweet potatoes here maybe next week. He topped the scale at 17lbs 8.5oz today which is good, I was worried he had lost from all the diapers I had been changing lately.

He is such a little angel, I couldnt ask for a better baby.

Our Trip!

Here are a few photos of the trip, we are still trying to recover!!! Enjoy!!

The Team that went to Nationals, Abbie is middle towards back, the blond

Molly running thru the large lake!

LiL Zee just hangin out

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

We survived!!!

We survived the trip! Abbie did very well at her meet, she placed 9th out of all the girls she competed against (around 66 of them) for the all around, she also placed 6th on the beam, tied w/ 3 other girls for 8th place for the floor, and placed 8th on the bars. She did quite well. Zach was quite a trooper, he did run a fever all week, I think from teething. We went to the beach and waded in the water. We returned from WI after a week, was home for 4 days and then packed back up and headed to MO to spend the 4th with friends. Things are finally getting back to normal. I will post pictures soon!! Check back!!